Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy

We strive ourselves on sharing a consensus to create a safe and sanitary working environment that all our customers, employees and suppliers are satisfied with. To achieve the goal, we’ll keep upgrade the equipment, continuously focus on improving our managing system. Additionally, we will share all our result to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our environment policy

We dedicated ourselves to decrease the negative impact and develop renewable energy product. By applying environmental impact assessment semiannually, accordingly we set projects to reduce the pollution and consumption. As our project goes smoothly and efficiently by now, we firmly believe that we will eventually achieve our goal.

Our social welfare policy

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. 

It’s our responsibility to lead our community to a better and prosperous future, we devoted ourselves to provide opportunities and resources wholeheartedly to people who needs them.

1.We support local kids who live straitened circumstances. 

2.We sponsor scholarship and graduation gift to local school. 

3.We promise we will sponsor gifts on every moon festival banquet. 

4.We promise we will donate rice to twenty local residents every month.