Various thickness options; perfect balance between high adhesion and holding power; Outstanding temperature endurance.


Well bonding to various types of substrates. Adheres well to curved surface. Stable performance and good for stamping, widely applied on electronic equipments.

DT/DM Serial : In relation to the specific features these tape can be used for bonding nameplates, panels, cartons, mechanical components, leather, stationery and various other items.

Carriers include Tissue /PET/PVC, along with modified formula to meet requirements of various surfaces.

● Industrial Market: nameplates, cartons, leather and stationery items.

● Electronic Market: nameplates, panels and mechanical components.

● Automotive Market: nameplates, body moldings, foam adhesion etc.

The tape can be slit according to clients' specific needs giving dedicated user friendliness. Die cut shapes also available made to customers specific designs.

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